About Alpha Loft

Portsmouth's coworking space

We are a 1,300+ sq/ft coworking space in the heart of downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We provide both dedicated and drop in access to people in the technology, creative and startup world. We also host, operate and promote multiple community events within our space and throughout the Seacoast.

We offer a color printer, a mailbox for dedicated members, 24/hr access, amazing views and incredible internet speeds. Our space is an open floor plan and our pricing is all inclusive. But don't just take our word for it. Read a few testimonials below.

  • “I go to Alphaloft to be around like minded tech and other independent professionals. When you're working alone there's a huge value in having a place you can go and work around other talented local people.”

    Brecht Palombo

  • “The #1 tech industry meet-up source on the New Hampshire Seacoast.”

    Jesse Devitte, Borealis Ventures

  • “If there's a hub for all-things-tech on the Seacoast, Alpha Loft is it.”

    John Paul, Borealis Ventures

  • “Some of the finest tech and creative minds on the Seacoast pursuing freelance and entrepreneurial opportunities, great networking and events, and sometimes free pizza.”

    Sam Beam

  • “Alpha Loft is the perfect location for professionals who want to take advantage of the thriving downtown business community.”

    Crystal Paradis

  • “Dyn supports the Alpha Loft because it plays an essential role in NH's innovation ecosystem and a healthy ecosystem helps all innovative companies thrive.”

    Gray Chynoweth, Dyn

  • “Alpha Loft has helped me find the talent I need for my startup.”

    Doug Henderson, FrostHub


More than just an office space

  • List of Area Events

    Every week there are events throughout the seacoast worthy of note. We maintain a list of events at seacoast.io. Almost all events are free and open to the public. Are we missing an event? Let us know!

  • Area Jobs

    You can find seacoast area contract and full time jobs at seacoast.io. Are you an employer? Signing up is free and easy. Add your jobs today!


There are lots of ways to be a part of Alpha Loft

  • Drop In Space


    Drop in members have 24/7 access to the space, but must take their equipment with them at the end of the day.

  • Dedicated Space


    Dedicated desk members may leave their equipment at the office and maintain a permanent desk. Members also have the option of receiving mail at the Alpha Loft location.

  • Community Member

    $10 / Month or $100 / Year

    You help Alpha Loft support all of the outstanding events we create, manage, and host including food and drink for Alpha Loft managed events. You also help us manage and improve the seacoast.io website with free events lists, business listings and a job board. Finally your membership helps us improve our facility and equipment. In return for your membership you receive public recognition on our websites and public shout outs at our events.

  • Corporate Member

    $100 / Month or $1000 / Year

    This is a great way for your organization to support the many free public education events we provide for your employees and customers. Corporate members will have dedicated mentions at all Alpha Loft run events (at least 2 a month) and a public display of your logo on a wall in our coworking space as well as your logo listed on our websites.


The people and companies who support alpha loft

Corporate Members/Sponsors

  • Dyn

    Dyn, Inc.

  • Borealis Ventures

    Borealis Ventures

  • Flatbread

    Flatbread Pizza

  • Dyn

    Ascentage Law

  • Wasabi Ventures

    Wasabi Ventures

  • CatchFire Creative

    CatchFire Creative

  • Link 2 the Cloud

    Link 2 the Cloud

  • Actio


Coworking Members

  • Joshua Cyr

  • Nick Plante

  • Byron Matto

  • Adam Woodworth

  • Emily Corwin

  • Bob Marino

  • Sam Beam

  • Meg Marshal

  • Kevin Craine

  • Andrew Martin

  • Brecht Palombo

  • Graham Thorsen

  • Liberty Hardy

  • Ryan Abbott

  • James Dufour

Community Members

  • Crystal Paradis

  • Brian Yurick

  • Melanie Burger

  • ElliottRand

  • James Penfold

  • Brian Turnbull

  • Amanda Giles

  • Doug Henderson

  • Stacie Andrews

  • Aubrey Pennings

  • Jason Boucher

  • Paul Finn

  • Jeffrey Carlisle

  • Barbara Parton

  • Demon Bookseller of Fleet Street

  • Pat Tormey

  • Ted Pennings

  • Ted Roche

  • Ralph Hansell

  • Don Schwartz


Stop by any time

Alpha Loft
3 Congress Street, Unit 2
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801

Email: jcyr@joshuacyr.com

Twitter: @alpha_loft

Webcam: Our View